Resiliency Goes Beyond Hardening

p, . .ExternalClass .s .t The Air Force’s “Pacific Airpower Resiliency Initiative” aims to give Pacific Air Forces installations the ability “to withstand attack, adapt, and have the capability to perform military operations in the face of continued enemy attacks,” said command spokesman Maj. Gregory Harland. It envisions improvements like bolstered defensive systems and the presence of RED HORSE engineers at theater bases, senior Pentagon officials have said. “Resiliency is a mix of these efforts; it’s not just about hardening infrastructure,” Harland told the Daily Report on April 25. PACAF is continuously honing its resiliency strategy, and the foundation of this initiative is based on research, analytic studies, and tactics, techniques, and procedures to survive and operate against attacks or threats at locations such as Andersen AFB, Guam, he said. He cited a program called the Integrated Air and Missile Defense capability that improves defenses, while also countering threats through attack operations, and supports updated command and control tools. Due to the budget sequester, Harland said PACAF, along with all major commands, is reducing spending to protect contingency operations. As such, “all programs and spending are being reviewed,” including this initiative, he added.