Reserve Consolidates Fighter Training Units under Luke Wing

Air Force Reserve Command reassigned the 924th Fighter Group at Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz., to the oversight of the 944th Fighter Wing at Luke AFB, Ariz., announced command officials. The 442nd Fighter Wing at Whiteman AFB, Mo., had been responsible since January 2011 for the group, which is a training unit for the A-10 ground-attack aircraft. The move is part of a broader reorganization that consolidates all AFRC A-10, F-15E, and F-16 formal training under the 944th FW, according to an Oct. 10 Whiteman release. It’s also meant to ensure that the 944th FW has sufficient personnel to retain its wing status, states the release. The change took effect on Oct. 1, a week after AFRC announced it. “The organizational and geographic benefits of this will allow the group to receive better support at the wing level,” said Brig. Gen. Eric Overturf, 442nd FW commander. The 944th FW also gained oversight of the 414th FG, an F-15E training unit at Seymour Johnson AFB, N.C. (Whiteman report by SSgt. Danielle Johnston)