Remaining Vigilant on Resiliency

US Special Operations Command boss Adm. William McRaven has assigned his command sergeant major and a one-star general to oversee a Preservation of the Force and Families Task Force. It will build and implement “innovative solutions” to improve the well-being of special operations forces and their families, McRaven told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday. While he said “increasing predictability” in deployments is essential to resiliency, the task force’s holistic approach will “ensure we provide responsive counseling, medical, psychological, and rehabilitative care to our SOF warriors and their families.” The new task force will build on the work of the Pressure on the Force and Families Task Force that McRaven’s predecessor, Adm. Eric Olson, initiated, said McRaven. There are several SOF-specific resiliency programs that exist already. However, McRaven said there is still a need for additional care programs and rehabilitation services. “We have a resilient force and it remains steadfast in its mission. While SOF capabilities are not in danger of degradation now, we must and will continue to look for ways to mitigate potential problems in the future,” he said. (McRaven’s prepared testimony)