Remaining Family-Focused

Although the Year of the Air Force Family initiative is technically over, as of July 31, nothing has changed as far as USAF’s obligations toward airmen and their families, says service spokeswoman Beth Goffelin. “That commitment is still there,” she told the Daily Report. The wives of the Air Force leadership brought that same message home in a video released last week to highlight the accomplishments of the past year. For example, the Air Force has established the “first-ever” single airmen’s working group, added 53 school liaison officers, expanded on-base child care, and standardized the key spouse program across the service. These accomplishments are “just the beginning” of fostering a sense of community for airmen and their families and making the Air Force “an even better place to live, work, and play,” said the spouses. (See San Antonio release, including link to wrap-up video.)