Refined Manna from Heaven

Three C-17 transports have dropped the largest supply of fuel ever to a remote military outpost in Afghanistan. Throughout the span of two days at the end of January, these aircraft dispensed 120 bundles of fuel to soldiers in Waza K’wah, a forward operating base in Paktika province that is completely dependent upon aerial resupply due to the poor roadway infrastructure and the high risk of enemy activity if US forces attempted ground resupply. “Fuel is critical to our survival, and these air drops make it possible to sustain the mission,” said Army Lt. Col. Davis Preston of the support battalion for Task Force Currahee, which includes the soldiers of Waza K’wah. In fact, Preston added, “We couldn’t sustain Task Force Currahee’s outposts without the Air Force.” (Waza K’wah report by TSgt. Stacia Zachary)