Recruiting Numbers Remain Right on Target

The Air Force’s Fiscal 2013 recruiting efforts stayed steady through January, with all three of the service’s components meeting their numerical accession goals, according to the Pentagon’s newest recruiting numbers. The Active Duty component brought in 9,589 accessions for the fiscal year to date through January, matching its target, states the Defense Department’s March 12 release. Similarly, the Air National Guard accepted 3,063 new recruits during that same span, meeting its plan, and the Air Force Reserve secured 2,513 accessions, the number it sought, through the first third of the fiscal year, according to the release. The Army, Marine Corps, and Navy active duty components all met or slightly surpassed their respective accession targets through January. Among the sister services’ reserve components, only the Army Reserve did not meet or exceed its goal through January, finishing 1,034 accessions short, states the release. (See also our coverage of December’s recruiting numbers.)