Ramstein C-130Js rotate to Poland

A pair of C-130Js flew into Powidz AB, Poland, on Thursday as the Air Force’s next rotational deployment of assets under Operation Atlantic Resolve to demonstrate US commitment to the security of its NATO allies in light of Russia’s belligerent actions in Ukraine. The airmen and C-130s from the 37th Airlift Squadron at Ramstein AB, Germany, will spend several weeks conducting exercises with units from Poland and the neighboring Baltic nations, according to an Aug. 14 release. As representatives of the US military, “we value the shared commitment and close cooperation with NATO partners on countering a range of regional and global threats,” said Lt. Col. Barry King, 37th AS detachment commander. The US airmen will be able to improve their skills, flying low-level missions, landing at austere sites, and conducting airdrops of cargo and paratroopers. Opportunities to perform those kinds of missions are limited in Germany. “This training is absolutely invaluable toward maintaining joint readiness, building interoperability, and strengthening relationships with NATO partners,” said King. “It is our goal to ensure both the United States and NATO know we can move forward quickly to support, and defend our allies,” he said.