Ramping up for RERP

The Air Force has awarded Lockheed Martin the first production contract for the C-5 reliability enhancement and re-engining program, the Department of Defense announced April 18. Under the terms of the $127.2 million deal, the company will provide the first lot of RERP upgrade kits and procure the long-lead-time materials for lot 2. The Air Force will upgrade 47 C-5Bs and two C-5Cs under the RERP program, which was restructured in February, and also give them new avionics under a separate initiative. They will join three C-5Ms in the 111-aircraft C-5 fleet that have already received the more powerful and fuel efficient engines and reliability improvements under the RERP and the new avionics, and 59 C-5As that are scheduled to receive only the new avionics. All 49 aircraft are projected to have the RERP equipment around 2016.