RAF Bases Named on ISIS Hit List

US European Command is “taking the appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of our personnel” after four Royal Air Force bases in England, including US-run bases RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall, were named online as ISIS targets. EUCOM officials did not say whether the threat condition had been raised, but Lt. Col. David Westover Jr., a EUCOM spokesman, said the command continuously assesses threats and implements security measures based on those assessments. ISIS posted names and personal information of several servicemembers earlier this month. The list also included the four RAF bases and called for the group’s followers to attack the people and places that were singled out, according to the Sunday Times. The group claimed it had hacked into US computer systems, but Air Force spokeswoman Maj. Melissa Milner said there is no indication of any data breach. The airmen named on the list have been notified, she said, and all threats are taken seriously, but the Air Force is “not aware of a credible/imminent threat to any one or any address listed in the document.” July 4 celebrations at RAF Feltwell, England, were canceled this year based on the threat assessment at the time. Also in July, EUCOM raised the force protection condition in Turkey from Bravo to Charlie “based on current conditions in Turkey,” Westover said.