Positive Early Indications of Enhanced Early Warning

GEO-1, the Air Force’s first Space Based Infrared System geosynchronous satellite, is exceeding performance expectations and is on schedule to achieve operational certification later this year, announced manufacturer Lockheed Martin on June 5. Sensors on the sophisticated early warning satellite, which has been on orbit since May 2011, “are detecting targets 25 percent dimmer than required, with an intensity measurement that is 60 percent more accurate than specification,” and “sensor pointing accuracy is nine times more precise than required,” states the company’s release. “The outstanding performance trends seen to date give us confidence heading into our extensive integrated developmental and operational testing campaign,” said Lt Col Ryan Umstattd, GEO-1 certification lead. Lockheed Martin said the satellite is already demonstrating “more than 90 percent” of Air Force Space Command’s performance requirements for operational use. US Strategic Command is expected to fully certify the satellite for operations later this year, according to the company.