Jeffrey P. Rhodes

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The Black Jet

After nearly ten years of flying--and one combat mission--the F-117 finally appears in public.

All Together at Fort Irwin

In a desert arena nearly the size of Rhode Island, they exercise the AirLand Battle in realistic fashi

Slam ‘Em and Jam ‘Em

Over hostile territory, it's essential to destroy, disrupt, or degrade the enemy radar.

On Stealthy Wings

The B-2 is built for penetration. It will be a while before a Soviet long-range radar is good enough t

On Alert

This is the "Year of the Alert Force" in Strategic Air Command.

The Machines of Special Ops

Their equipment is unusual—but so is the mission. It may take them to forbidding parts of the world to

SAC Extends Its Wings

In a new series of training deployments, SAC prepares to put conventional firepower on the flanks of t

Any Time Any Place

Special Operations forces, rebuilt in the aftermath of "Desert One," are learning to function together

The Amazing Osprey

The tiltrotor V-22 is built for versatility. Its roles will include special operations, airlift, comba

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