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In Focus: The Glasnost Watch and more

Carlucci says that while enormous internal changes are taking place in the USSR, they are not yet re­flected in Soviet policies of greatest concern to the West. He feels the US should “wait and see.” Washington, D. C., Aug. 5—Based...

At Risk in Space

The Soviet Union can put large numbers of systems in space and do it quickly. It is the only power tha

The New National Strategy

The White House draws up a formal strategy that integrates US foreign, defense, and economic policies.

Goldwater’s Parting Shot

As he heads into retirement, Sen. Barry Goldwater blasts congressmen who vote for pork in the barrel rather than defense on the line.

Readiness Counts, Too

USAF's new Chief of Staff talks about forces, priorities, and requirements.

Aldridge On the Issues

He says the priorities are right, but that he leans toward more revolutionary approaches to systems an

Preparing for Limited Action

The services are getting considerable pressure from the White House and Congress to improve their capa

What’s Up in Space

The superpowers take different paths to the same goals: assured access to space and long-term survivab

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