Ohio-based Intelligence Unit Redesignated

Officials at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, redesignated the Air Force Materiel Command Intelligence Squadron as the 21st Intelligence Squadron during a ceremony on base. The name change, along with the squadron’s shift from AFMC headquarters to the oversight of the command’s new Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, is part of AFMC’s broader reorganization, according to an Oct. 26 base release. AFLCMC is one of the new organizations that emerged under that restructure. “Our mission at AFLCMC is to acquire and support war-winning capabilities, and that’s for all aircraft, engines, munitions, electronics, cyber systems—a tremendous breadth of responsibility—and we do it most effectively when closely coupled with our intelligence professionals,” said Lt. Gen. C.D. Moore, AFLCMC commander, who presided over the Oct. 12 ceremony. “I am grateful that [the] squadron will bring its resources, its contacts, its professionalism, and expertise in helping accomplish the acquisition intelligence mission,” said Col. Peter Bailey, AFLCMC’s director of intelligence. (Wright-Patterson report by Amy Rollins)