Nuclear Inspectors Get Core Training

The Air Force Inspection Agency at Kirtland AFB, N.M., hosted the inaugural training course for nuclear surety inspectors Feb. 2-6. The course, conceived late last year to standardize all NSI training and certification as a means to beef up the inspection regime, brought together 18 attendees from the AFIA, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and the Air Force’s nuclear-enterprise major commands. Attendee Jerry Garrett, Air Combat Command’s inspector general, said he thinks the course will help inspectors have “a broader scope” to identify deficiencies in the NSI process and ensure nuclear accountability. And, AFIA officials said attendees’ feedback will play a big role in shaping the course as it matures. “For example, many thought it would be beneficial to be presented an actual NSI dilemma requiring group interaction and discussion to come to a resolution,” said George Parrott, deputy director of AFIA’s inspection and oversight directorate. He added, “We want to avoid a strict lecture-based class.” (To note: Just last month, the Defense Science Board permanent task for on nuclear weapons surety called for the establishment of a formal training course for nuclear inspectors.) (Kirtland report by Daniel Monahan)