NORTHCOM Unveils New Emergency Vehicle

US Northern Command last week displayed its newly acquired Emergency Response Vehicle at its headquarters at Peterson AFB, Colo. The vehicle is a modified Chevrolet Suburban sport utility vehicle featuring an advanced, mobile communications package that allows NORTHCOM officials to have phone, video, and secure Internet connectivity on the go when responding to domestic crises. “The ERV gives us a tremendous amount of flexibility to respond to nearly any situation that may arise,” stated Brig. Gen. Kenneth Todorov, NORTHCOM’s Standing Joint Force Headquarters director. The ERV is smaller, less expensive, and more capable than the Deployable Communications Capable Vehicle that it replaces, and fits easily into a C-130 for rapid deployment. “We’re supposed to be able to deploy, wheels up, in six hours. With this, we can do that much more easily,” said SJFHQ communications technician Micah Ebersole. (Peterson report by SSgt. Thomas Doscher)