New Cyber Course Churns Out First Class

Air Force weapons officers are adding cyber security to their arsenal of expertise. On June 16, eight of these airmen completed the first cyber weapons instructor course at the Air Force Weapons School at Nellis AFB, Nev., said base officials in a release. These officers are part of an Air Force movement to bring increased cyber knowledge to the US military. “The purpose of this course is to refine these officers’ cyber skills and round them out by teaching them to be expert instructors, problem solvers, leaders, and tacticians, ultimately teaching them how to integrate the cyber piece with the entire spectrum of Air Force and joint capabilities,” said Maj. Brent Wells, operations director for the cyber WIC, in the June 18 release. “We want our graduates to transform and inspire our nation’s combat power,” said Lt. Col. Bob Reeves, commander of the 328th Weapons Squadron that runs the course. (Nellis report by 1st Lt. Ken Lustig)