New Common Data Link Sought

The Air Force reached out to industry for input on robust data-link solutions to pass information from overhead intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets operating in network-centric environments. The service envisions a new common data link that is able to handle streams of video and other ISR data from multiple sources and also allows multiple users to access data, according to the request for information posted at the Federal Business Opportunities website on Jan. 4. The CDL should also “provide the ability to adjust link parameters on the fly” to keep the flow of information going in the face of varying operating conditions such as extreme ranges, states the notice. It should also be able to detect interference automatically and “go into an anti-jam mode” and then “return to normal mode” when jamming is no longer effective or present, states the RFI. The Air Force eyes a data link that it could field within a five-year span. Service officials want industry’s feedback by Feb. 21. The service plans to host an industry day in late January in the Washington, D.C., area, according to the notice.