New Airman Leadership School Curriculum Coming to Misawa

Airman Leadership School instructors at Misawa AB, Japan, are preparing to start teaching a refined ALS curriculum in November that is designed to foster stronger leaders among the enlisted ranks. The new curriculum emphasizes improving communication and leadership skills, and it focuses on real-world applications and situations, according to a Sept. 11 Misawa release. It also includes interpersonal counseling content and covers how to identify and address risk-related behaviors. “This curriculum will give [the students] a little bit more realistic view of the expectations that are out there,” said MSgt. Jerome Bristow, ALS commandant. He added, “This will help them really think about what they have to do to lead their future airmen down the right road.” Already the instructors are familiarizing themselves with the 192 hours of revised curriculum, states the release. (Misawa report by A1C Kenna Jackson)