Mystery’s Never-Ending Song

The recent discovery of a young aviation enthusiast’s notebook from World War II seemingly has debunked the leading theory explaining the mysterious disappearance of beloved band leader Glenn Miller. Never to be seen again, Miller, then a major leading the Army Air Force Band, departed in a single engine UC-64 Norsman from an air base in southern England on a morale tour to Paris on Dec. 15 1944. The log belonging to Richard Anderton, a 17-year old at the time and since deceased, reported an on-course sighting of Miller’s aircraft, overturning the most popular theory—that Miller’s aircraft veered off course and was struck by bombs jettisoned by Lancaster bombers returning from an abortive raid on Germany, reports Britain’s Daily Mail. The notebook came to light when Anderton’s family aired it for appraisal on a popular television program, according to the newspaper.