Museum Honors Korean War Triple Ace

The Aviation Museum of New Hampshire will dedicate an exhibit of artifacts honoring Korean War triple ace Capt. Joseph McConnell on Veteran’s Day weekend, announced museum officials. The exhibit opens on Nov. 10, according to the museum’s release. “The heroic service of Capt. Joseph C. McConnell has faded from memory over the years, and it is for this reason that the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire is planning to recognize his unique and gallant service with a celebration,” said Jack Ferns, the museum’s executive director. After serving as a B-24 navigator in World War II, McConnell graduated flight training in 1948, and went on to fly F-86 Sabre jets over Korea. He downed 16 MiGs in just four months, becoming the highest scoring US ace of the war. He received both the Distinguished Flying Cross and Silver Star for his actions in combat. The New Hampshire native died when the F-86H that he was test flying crashed near Edwards AFB, Calif., on Aug. 25, 1954. (See also Air War Korea, 1950-53 and MiG Alley from Air Force Magazine’s archives.)