More Mini Decoys

Raytheon has received a $96.7 million contract from the Air Force for the third production lot of miniature air launched decoys. The company will build approximately 300 MALDs during Lot 3, a quantity it says is “nearly equal to the total of Lots 1 and 2 combined.” This work order also requires the company to deliver radar-jamming variants known as MALD-J. They will be used for MALD-J initial operational test and evaluation. The MALD is an expendable, air-launched vehicle meant to mimic the signatures and flight profiles of US and allied combat aircraft, thereby confusing enemy air defenses and protecting friendly aircraft. Raytheon says it has already delivered more than 100 MALDs to the Air Force. B-52Hs and F-16s will carry MALDs and MALD-Js in combat. (Raytheon release) (For more on MALD, read Time to be Fooled from the Daily Report archive.)