More Super Hercs and a Possible New Customer

Lockheed Martin was awarded the next C-130J Super Hercules production contract for Air Force and Navy deliveries, the Pentagon announced. The company will build a total of a 17 aircraft under the $969 million contract modification by April 2020, according to the Pentagon’s Nov. 10 major contracts announcement. Production includes six stretched C-130J-30s, nine MC-130J special operations airframes, one HC-130J search and rescue aircraft, and a single KC-130J tanker for the Marine Corps. Last month, the company announced a tentative five-year, cost-saving production agreement for 83 Super Hercs for the Air Force, Department of the Navy, and Coast Guard, Reuters reported. “We have reached a verbal agreement on the C-130J multiyear II contract,” company spokesman Joe LaMarca said. France requested the purchase of four C-130Js to become the aircraft’s 17th international customer, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced on Nov. 10. The request includes two C-130Js to “provide critical transport, airdrop, and resupply,” as well as two KC-130J tankers to “provide crucial air refueling capability to France’s fighter aircraft, light transport aircraft, and helicopters,” according to the announcement. France currently operates a handful of C-130Hs, several of which may be converted for special operations, Jane’s reported.