Moore’s Law

Moore’s Law: Air Force Maj. Gen. C.D. Moore, F-35 deputy program executive officer since June, expects no more significant delays in the stealth fighter’s development. In a Fort Worth Star-Telegram report Monday, Moore says program officials remain “confident in [the program’s] ability to deliver to commitments within the baseline program.” This includes providing enough aircraft in time for the Air Force to have its first F-35 unit ready for operations in 2013. While completion of each F-35 test aircraft is running about three months behind schedule, Moore said the program office is still optimistic that the planned test program is “executable” within its established timeline. The Pentagon’s joint estimating team is reassessing its prognosis for the F-35 program, with its findings expected soon. Last year, it warned of a two-year delay and an extra $3 billion need to complete the aircraft’s development phase, findings with which the program office disagreed.