Mock Trial Teaches Junior Airmen Consequences of Sexual Assault

The 52nd Fighter Wing at Spangdahelm AB, Germany, held a mock trial in late October to teach junior enlisted airmen about the consequences of sexual assaults. About 30 junior enlisted members participated in the simulated scenario, dubbed “Got Consent?” Twelve airmen also served as the jury for one of their peers. “Our whole purpose is to contribute to fostering a culture of respect for other airmen and to take care of their wingmen,” said Capt. Samuel Welch, 52nd Fighter Wing Judge Advocate chief of military justice. “This is a way from the beginning of their career…to get them thinking about this, so if they see something going on with a friend that shouldn’t be going on, they know it and have the courage to step in and stop it.” Before the “trial,” a SARC representative briefed the airmen on the different types of sexual assault reporting as well as the support structure that exists for victims, according to a Nov. 4 release. A representative from the base chapel also briefed the airmen “on the different ways men and women communicate,” emphasizing that misunderstandings can cause “unintended consequences,” states the release.