Military Tribute to Robin Williams

? The Pentagon issued a rare tribute to an entertainer on Tuesday. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, in a statement, said “the entire Defense Department community mourns the loss of Robin Williams,” whom he described as “a gifted actor and comedian, but … also a true friend and supporter of our troops.” Hagel noted that Williams had entertained “thousands of service men and women in war zones” and his philanthropy supported numerous causes “that helped veterans struggling with hidden wounds of war.” The Twitterverse on Tuesday filled with stories from service personnel and vets on how Williams had taken the time to visit and talk with them personally, going so far as to seek out and spend time with troops who, because they were on duty, couldn’t attend his front-lines performances. Many described him as a modern-day Bob Hope. Williams earned his first Oscar nomination for portraying Air Force Sgt. Adrian Cronauer, an Armed Forces Radio DJ, in the 1987 film, “Good Morning, Vietnam.” The United Services Organizations, in a release, said Williams went on six USO tours between 2002 and 2013, including five overseas stints during which he visited troops in 12 foreign countries. This included three stops each in Afghanistan and Iraq.