Michigan Makeover

The Michigan Air National Guard launched a $32.6 million project to install an in-ground refueling system and modern fuel storage facility at Selfridge ANGB, Mich. “The hydrant system will reduce truck traffic, … creating a safer and more efficient way to deliver fuel to our tanker aircraft,” fuel superintendent MSgt. Eric Henderson said in a release. The new, eight hydrant system will allow for the up to 203,000 pounds of fuel required to fill KC-135s to be pumped directly into the aircraft, instead of being trucked to the flight line. Upgrades will also include a new 630,000 gallon storage facility to replace the current 1958-vintage tank farm and a safer, remote truck unloading facility. The new facilities will serve the 127th Wing’s KC-135s and A-10s, in addition to Army, Coast Guard, and Customs and Border Protection tenants. Selfridge recently completed runway and taxiway renovation, built a new munitions complex, modernized its air traffic control systems, and upgraded its operations and security forces facilities, according to the release.