Master Recruiters Recognized

Brig. Gen. Balan Ayyar, Air Force Recruiting Service commander, presented the first-ever Master Recruiter designation to the Air Force’s top 10 senior recruiters. “This distinct designation is the first time that we have taken the time to officially recognize these leaders for their hard work, knowledge, and expertise,” said Ayyar during the recent ceremony at Randolph AFB, Tex., a part of Joint Base San Antonio. Each Master Recruiter received a newly created badge with a number. AFRS awarded the badges by seniority; CMSgt. William Cavenaugh, AFRS command chief, received badge number 0001. He has 23 years of Air Force recruiting experience and holds the most senior position among recruiters, according to the recruiting service. “Master Recruiters make up the governing body of our profession, the profession of recruiting, and are responsible to its members up and down the chain of command,” said Cavenaugh. (Randolph report by Capt. Maggie Silva, including full list of names of Master Recruiters)