Mastering the Taser

The 482nd Security Forces Squadron at Homestead ARB, Fla., became the first Air Force Reserve Command unit to complete training on the Taser stun gun. The squadron underwent hours of classroom instruction on everything from weapon familiarization to scenario-based training. As part of this, Lt. Juan Lemus, 482nd SFS police services chief, volunteered on Dec. 1 to be “shot” and exposed to the Taser’s temporarily disabling 50,000 volts of electricity. “It’s like nothing you have ever felt before,” explained Lemus. He continued, “One minute you’re fine . . . and then it hits you and your muscles lock up . . . and you don’t see anything else; your mind is totally on the pain going through your entire body.” Active duty USAF security forces units have been using the non-lethal weapon since 2002. (Homestead report by Ian Carrier)