March Airmen Learn Battlefield Forensics

Twenty-two Air Force Reservists with the 4th Combat Camera Squadron at March ARB, Calif., successfully completed the Air Force’s first battlefield forensics course. In the past, this instruction was only offered to soldiers and marines, but Air Force officials subsequently recognized the value of this training for airmen. During the four-day course, the March airmen learned forensic photography, tactical questioning, field documentation, print recovery and development, material collection, and IED awareness. “Not only are they able to document in the usual way, but also preserve a site for forensic evidence if the need should arise,” said TSgt. Francisco Govea, a 4th CCS photographer. These new skills make them a valuable asset in the field for battlefield commanders, he added. For example, the ability to collect evidence such as fingerprints is considered critical for identifying improvised explosive device makers. (March report by TSgt. Christine Jones)