MacDillian Diaspora

Three KC-135 tankers of the 91st Air Refueling Squadron from MacDill AFB, Fla., are temporary operating from Robins AFB, Ga., while MacDill’s runway is closed for maintenance. “When we arrived, everything was ready for us,” said Maj. Christopher Callahan, commander of MacDill’s Robins detachment. “We might as well be operating out of MacDill with all the support that we’ve had.” Over the next three to four weeks, engineers at MacDill will use the break in flying activities to repaint runway markings and make routine repairs, according to a spokesman for MacDill’s 6th Air Mobility Wing. The wing, together with Air Force Reserve Command’s associate 927th Air Refueling Wing, operates 16 tankers. The 13 other aircraft dispersed to an undisclosed number of bases across the United States, the spokesman told the Daily Report on Monday. In all, 82 crew and support airmen deployed to Robins on Jan. 26. (Includes Robins report by Janny Gordon)