Looking For a Few Fit Airmen

Beginning Oct. 1, airmen deployed to Southwest Asia will no longer be able to scrape by without taking their annual physical training test. Lt. Gen. Mike Hostage, Air Forces Central commander, recently approved a policy requiring both permanent-party airmen and those assigned to AFCENT’s area of responsibility for one-year tours to test while down range. In addition, airmen must have a current fitness score prior to deployment, according to service’s new physical fitness standards that kicked in July 1. Airmen deployed for less than a year can test on a volunteer basis, according to an AFCENT release. “It is paramount for our airmen to maintain peak physical condition, not just at home, but also while deployed in the AOR. Therefore, to align with the Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s vision, we are implementing a vigorous fitness program to include [physical training] testing in the AOR,” said Hostage.