Lockheed Martin, AFSC Sign Partnership Agreement

The Air Force Sustainment Center and Lockheed Martin recently signed a partnership agreement that establishes a framework for future collaboration, the company announced Monday. The agreement outlines pre-negotiated terms and conditions that will govern future contracts, which the company said will cut costs by streamlining the contract negotiation process. “As we continue to make internal improvements to the way we do business, the next logical step is to develop robust partnerships with industry,” said AFSC Commander Lt. Gen. Bruce Litchfield. “We view these partnerships as an opportunity to capitalize on the strengths of our organic enterprise and the defense industry’s capabilities. Together we can find win-win solutions that deliver more Air Force readiness at less cost.” Lockheed Martin Vice President of Logistics and Sustainment Lou Kratz said the partnership “allows us to implement specific work agreements rapidly and efficiently, drawing upon our complementary skills to effectively support our warfighters.”