Little Rock Eyed First under AMC’s New Inspection System

In September, the 19th Airlift Wing at Little Rock AFB, Ark., will become the first unit that Air Mobility Command headquarters inspects since the Air Force instituted a new inspection system, according to a command release. “We have laid out clear criteria for the Little Rock capstone visit as to what defines success for the wing and success for the headquarters,” says Col. Andrew Molnar, AMC’s inspector general team chief for the upcoming Little Rock unit-readiness inspection. Under the Air Force’s new system, the wing’s compliance and readiness is the responsibility of the wing commander, not the headquarters IG. The role of the inspectors switches to validating the wing commander’s unit self-assessments and reporting. The inspectors’ visit “is not an all-or-nothing event about grading a wing’s performance during inspection week,” said Molnar, in the Aug. 22 release. Instead, “the headquarters IG will simply confirm what the wing IG should already know based on its long-term program of continuous compliance and local audit efforts,” he said. (Scott report by SMSgt. Angie Sarchet)