Last Piece of Former Lowry Air Force Base Relinquished

The Air Force transferred Buckley Annex, the final 70 acres of the former Lowry Air Force Base, to the Denver community during a ceremony. The transfer occurred on June 1. Lowry closed in 1994; areas of the former base have been steadily redeveloped as commercial and residential space since then. Closure of the annex was announced in 2005, according to a June 6 release from officials at nearby Buckley Air Force Base, also in the Denver area. The grounds of the former base are expected to host approximately 800 homes—with close proximity to parks, schools, jobs, and transportation—and create some 700 retail, construction, and office jobs, states the release. Terry Yonkers, the Air Force’s assistant secretary for installations, called Lowry’s redevelopment a tremendous success. The Air Reserve Personnel Center was the last military tenant on the grounds of Lowry. It shifted to Buckley last August. (Buckley report by SrA. Christopher Gross)