Laser Guidance Kit Tested on 2,000-Pound JDAM

Boeing revealed Tuesday that it has successfully completed the first two flight tests of the 2,000-pound laser joint direct attack munition. The tests took place back in July at Eglin AFB, Fla., with an F-16 flying at subsonic speeds releasing two inert Laser JDAMs to verify their maneuverability and aerodynamic performance. These two trials are the first of seven planned overall. The Air Force already operates the 500-pound Laser JDAM and has used it in combat. Laser JDAM is a Global Positioning System-guided JDAM with the addition of a laser guidance set that gives the munition the ability to strike moving targets in addition to its inherent ability to strike fixed objects. “Laser JDAM demonstrates how the Boeing team is using affordable technology to expand the capabilities of a standard JDAM,” said Kerry Bush, Boeing’s JDAM program manager. (Boeing release)