Langley Maintenance Units Join Forces

Two maintenance squadrons under the 1st Fighter Wing at JB Langley, Va., have merged into a large, single unit. Wing officials inactivated the 1st Component Maintenance Squadron and re-designated the 1st Equipment Maintenance Squadron as the 1st Maintenance Squadron. Airmen formerly under the 1st CMS then moved under the 1st MXS. “With now more than 600 personnel in the 1st MXS, I have great confidence that we can handle the tremendous responsibilities of keeping the mighty F-22 Raptor in the skies while acutely balancing the needs of the mission and our people,” said Maj. Elizabeth Boehm, the new unit’s commander, during the Oct. 29 ceremony where these changes took effect. She was the last commander of the 1st CMS. (Langley report by A1C Jason J. Brown)