Korea’s Busy Buddies

F-16s of the 8th Fighter Wing wrapped up several days of integrated training with the Republic of Korea Air Force at Kunsan AB, South Korea, last week. Kunsan hosted F-15K Slam Eagles of the ROKAF’s 11th FW from Dageu AB, South Korea, for a regular “Buddy Wing” exchange to enhance interoperability, Nov. 16-20, according to a release. “It is necessary for us to get to know and understand each other. The whole game plan involves everybody doing their part,” said 1st Lt. Aaron Koveleskie, a pilot in the 35th Fighter Squadron. “Fighting in a war without the combined training would be similar to having a team with 20 different players who have never practiced together,” he added. The 51st FW at Osan AB, South Korea, hosted and deployed for similar Buddy Wing drills with ROCAF fighters on the Korean Peninsula earlier this year. USAF, ROKAF, and joint-service partners also conducted the large-force defensive exercise Vigilant Ace, held at bases across the peninsula earlier this month.