Kadena Hosts Joint Fighter Training

Air Force F-15 and F-22 pilots and Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet fliers are sharpening their aerial combat skills in simulated dogfights and strike missions in the skies over Kadena AB, Japan, this month. The exercises began March 1 and run through March 21, bringing together F-15s from Kadena’s 67th Fighter Squadron, F-22s from the 27th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron currently deployed there, and F/A-18s from the Navy Strike Fighter Squadron 102. “Joint training allows us to refine our joint tactics, techniques, and procedures while simultaneously building confidence in our ability to fight together,” said Col. Ronald Banks, commander of Kadena’s 18th Operations Group. Lt. Col. Lansing Pilch, commander of the 27th EFS, said his squadron is honored to introduce the Navy pilots to the F-22. He said, “Our goal with the fifth-generation F-22 is to use our enhanced situational awareness to make those around us better.” (Kadena report by Walter T. Ham IV)