JAGM Dual-Mode Sensor Strikes Target During Test

Lockheed Martin announced a successful test firing of the dual-mode guidance system on its Joint Air-to-Ground missile, hitting a moving target. In a July 23 release, Lockheed said the JAGM flew 6.2 kilometers, about four miles, and initially acquired the target with its precision strike semi-active laser. The missile then engaged its millimeter wave radar to hit and destroy the moving target during the test at Eglin AFB, Fla. The flight test was part of Lockheed’s risk-reduction efforts during the engineering and manufacturing phase of the Army contract, the company said. “This second flight test success demonstrates that Lockheed Martin’s JAGM solution is a proven, low-risk capability,” said Frank St. John, vice president of the tactical missiles and combat maneuver systems at Lockheed’s Missile and Fire Control division.