Jackson Encourages Reservists to Use Wingman Toolkit

Lt. Gen. James Jackson, head of Air Force Reserve Command, encouraged Reservists and their families to utilize the Wingman Toolkit to foster their resiliency, according to a release. In a message to all members of the Air Force Reserve, Jackson urged these airmen to make use of the online website, which is meant to help them develop mental, physical, social, and spiritual resiliency, states the April 26 release. The command created the toolkit in 2010 to be an all-encompassing resiliency resource, states the website. It was originally called the AFRC Wingman Project. The toolkit features articles, videos, and other resources touching on training and safety and suicide prevention, along with individual testimonies and stories of airmen. (McConnell report by Capt. Zach Anderson) (See also Mobile App Designed to Help Boost Airmen’s Resiliency.)