It’s Official

An Air Force E-3 AWACS squadron at Kadena AB, Japan, signed an agreement March 26 with a Japanese E-767 airborne early warning unit, thereby formalizing the working relationship that they have had for years. “From one commander to another, we’ve agreed to take part in a sister squadron relationship and work together on a regular basis toward achieving our training objectives,” said Lt. Col. Rene Romero, commander of the 961st Airborne Air Control Squadron. The US unit signed the pact with the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s 602nd AACS. The agreement focuses on three areas: interoperability to be able to share the air picture during sorties; exchange rides to familiarize aircrews with the other squadron’s aircraft; and mutual visits to exchange ideas and share lessons learned. For JASDF Lt. Col. Miyamoto Hironori, the 602nd AACS commander, signing the agreement was a goal before he relinquished his command, which occurred on the same day. (Kadena report by SrA. Nestor Cruz)