August 2023

Vol. 106, No. 8

In March 2022, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall defined seven Operational Imperatives, the key areas he saw as requiring coordinated focus and investment in order to more rapidly deliver "meaningful operational capability to the warfighter.
It’s impossible to overstate how central a role space plays in this whole conversation, whether you’re talking about the sensors, whether you’re talking about comms, space is going to play an extended role.
For the U.S. Air Force to maintain its kill chain advantage, it must evolve its kill chains to counter adversary strategies to break them. 

Editorial: Build an Air Force

To achieve that, Congress and the Pentagon must make a strategic shift in priorities, providing an additional redirecting of $10 billion to $20 billion annually to the Department of the Air Force. This is the only way to remain ready today while modernizing for tomorrow.

Operational Imperative No. 1

Our terrestrial forces … cannot survive and perform their missions if our adversary’s space-based operational support systems, especially targeting systems, are allowed to operate with impunity.

Operational Imperative No. 2

We must identify and invest in the specific applications of ABMS that provide a measurable operational advantage to our warfighters.

Operational Imperative No. 3

There's a lot of technology out there to do moving target indication, whether it's airborne, you can get it from the ground and ground surveillance radars, you can do it from space to certain extent. But the reality is, you're going to need all of those to be able to do this, and each of them bring their own advantages and disadvantages.

Operational Imperative No. 4

Controlling the air domain is an imperative if the nation and U.S. allies are to be successful in future operations.

Operational Imperative No. 5

The general impression over the past few decades that U.S. air bases were somehow sanctuaries was a historical anomaly. The threat has grown qualitatively and quantitatively.

Operational Imperative No. 6

The Air Force’s primary platform for air attack against the most heavily defended targets will be the sixth-generation B-21 Raider, featuring a degree of stealth “orders of magnitude” stealthier than the B-2A Spirit it will replace.

Operational Imperative No. 7

We’re coming off a couple of decades of conflict in which all of our comms were essentially secured, we were not competing with a peer, and I think most of us in the room believe the next conflict will be quite different from that.

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