August 2006

Vol. 89, No. 8

Red Flag for a World Coalition

The February Red Flag in Nevada featured Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, British, and Australian forces, with more than 130 aircraft and 2,500 troops taking part.

Barrel Roll

In 1962, the United States began a “secret war” in Laos. The operation wasn’t revealed until 1970, by

Air Force World

No Rush for Guard Seat on JCS The Defense Department voiced opposition to seating a National Guard general on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It called on Congress to wait for a formal commission studying the idea to issue its...


Bad Force and Its Buddy “To identify an organization truly unwilling to change, we need to look no further than Rumsfeld’s beloved Air Force. Far from driving ‘transformation’ as he claims, the Defense Secretary has continued to buy hyper-expensive, virtually...

AT-6 Texan

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Harold Brown’s “Invisible” Aircraft

“Statement on Stealth Technology” Secretary of Defense Harold Brown DOD News Conference, Washington, D.C. Aug. 22, 1980 FULL TEXT VERSION For some time, there had been whispers—and a few press leaks—about a strange breed of aircraft, one “invisible” to radar....


Morality of Airpower In regard to the Robert S. Dudney editorial “Of Airpower and Morality,” [June, p. 2], I agree with everything that he says. I also agree that, due to space limitations, he cannot properly [deal with all of]...