Israel Receives First C-130J

Israel received its first C-130J Super Hercules from Lockheed Martin during a June 26 ceremony at the company’s Marietta, Ga., facility, according to a release. “Israel’s new C-130J builds on the tradition of its predecessors and offers the IAF unique capabilities that are not only proven, but without equal,” said George Schultz, vice president and general manager of C-130 programs at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. Israel has operated C-130s since 1971 and will receive two more C-130Js after this delivery through a foreign military sale contract, states the release. “With its glass cockpit and modern digital avionics, the C-130J has proven it performs in all environments: hot, cold, dirt, and sand.” The Super Hercules, dubbed Shimshon by the Israelis after Samson from the Bible, will receive unique Israeli systems once it is delivered in-country, which is scheduled for spring 2014. The aircraft is still in the company’s facility undergoing post-production modifications, Lockheed spokeswoman Stephanie Stinn told the Daily Report on June 27.