ISR Experts Consider How to Operate in Degraded Conditions

Tacticians and subject matter experts on intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance held their annual meeting recently, with a focus on conducing ISR in a contested, degraded operation (CDO) environment, according to an Air Force release. For the first time, the Aug. 4-8 sessions at Air Force ISR Agency headquarters on JBSA-Lackland, Texas, included representatives from the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. The focus on CDO by the ISR Weapons and Tactics Working Group and the Tactics Review Board was a recognition of the growing concern about anti-access, area-denial capabilities being developed by some potential adversaries. “You are here to ensure ISR not only survives, but wins in a CDO environment,” Maj. Gen. Jack Shanahan, Air Force ISR Agency commander, told the 120 attendees. The sessions also considered the effect of the reorganization of the ISR Agency into the 25th Air Force, under Air Combat Command, and the role of the 625th Operations Center that will be created within the new numbered air force. Teams of participants addressed standardizing how intelligence is reported on the battlefield, integrating cyber warfare partners into operations, and “how our ISR organizational structure can better support the tactical fight,” said Capt. Adam Young, an ISR weapons officer and the working group chairman.