Iraqi Forces Close In On Ramadi

Iraqi forces are set to move to retake the ISIS-controlled city of Ramadi, and face a tough fight as the up to 1,000 terrorist fighters have been able to establish themselves in the critical urban area. Army Col. Steve Warren, spokesman for the Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve, said Tuesday that ISIS has been able to build trenches, berms, obstacles, and even minefields to try and prevent Iraqi forces from retaking the city. “It’s a strong defense, it will take a determined effort to break it,” Warren said. However, Iraqi forces have the training; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; and coalition airpower to be able to retake the city. In the past two weeks, Iraqi forces have been able to retake about 15 kilometers around the city. US Central Command has been pressing the Iraqi forces for weeks to act on the city. US Central Command spokesman Air Force Col. Patrick Ryder said last month Iraqi troops were in position and have been able to cut off ISIS resupply routes, but since then there still has not been an attempt to retake the city.