Iran Exceeds Heavy Water Limit

International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors found Iran violated a provision of the US-brokered nuclear deal by slightly exceeding the amount of heavy water it can stockpile. During a Nov. 9 press briefing, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said Iran exceeded the 130 metric-ton limit by 100 kilograms, or about one-tenth of a metric ton, but didn’t try to hide the excessive production from inspectors and has agreed to ship an excess quantity out of the country. Iran told the IAEA it would transfer five tons of heavy water out of the country, as provided for in the deal implemented in January, according to Reuters. The current excess marks the second time Iran has exceeded the 130-ton limit. In February, inspectors found the stock had reached 130.9 tons, but Iran shipped out 20 tons a week later and fell back below the limit, according to an IAEA report. Toner said the infractions haven’t affected the goal of the deal. “It has prevented Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon within a short period of time and it’s put in place a regime of verification by the IAEA that will prevent it from achieving a nuclear weapon in any kind of short term breakout time,” he said.