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Airmen and Marine Corps maintainers deployed to Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, recently crossed the ramp to work side-by-side on a common airframe—the C-130J transport. Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 352, which services the corps’ KC-130J tankers, “might have a part we need or visa versa,” said SMSgt. Rodney Jones, 451st Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron superintendent, in an April 26 release from Kandahar. “A joint perspective is a good thing because . . . without each other, we’d have a broken aircraft and be unable to accomplish the mission,” noted Jones. The exchange training also gave airmen a chance to exchange techniques and protocols. “Each service speaks differently from one another, but we can speak about technical aspects of the job and be understood,” stressed SSgt. James Alesch, 451st EAMXS guidance and control systems technician. “Maintenance is maintenance whether it’s in the Air Force or the Marine Corps,” he summed. (Kandahar report by SSgt. Heather Skinkle)