Here Are the USAF and Space Force Jobs That’ll Qualify for Retention Bonuses Next Year

The Department of the Air Force on Dec. 10 announced which Air Force Specialty Codes will be included in the fiscal 2021 Selective Retention Bonus program. 

This year’s program added nine new career fields, but dropped 40 others from eligibility, according to a release from the department. View the full list of qualifying AFSCs for the fiscal 2021 SRB program here.

“Overall retention levels are at record highs and manning within many of our career fields is healthy,” said Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel, and Services Lt. Gen. Brian T. Kelly in the release. “This reduces our requirement and opportunity to utilize retention bonuses to the same extent.”

Any Airman or Space Professional whose job has been earmarked “for a reduction or termination,” and who currently qualifies to re-up their service commitment, “must execute a qualifying contract” before those changes take effect on Feb. 4, the list said.

“We are giving members advanced notice of impacted AFSCs this year given the challenges associated with COVID-19,” Kelly added in the release. “We want to ensure our members have the right information and enough time to make informed career decisions.”

The SRB program aims to keep experienced Air Force and Space Force troops in career fields that are undermanned or that come with high training price tags, the department wrote.

The department has allocated over $55 million to cover the fiscal 2021 program, which takes effect on Jan. 5, 2021, the release said.