Held to a Higher Standard

The Air Force does not tolerate hazing in its ranks and expects every airman to act with dignity and respect to others throughout his/her entire career, CMSAF James Roy told lawmakers last week. “As our workforce is a sample of individuals from our society, we expect to encounter some of the same issues that affect our society at large. However, as a military organization, and the world’s greatest Air Force, we hold our airmen and our leaders to a higher standard,” said Roy in testimony before the House Armed Services Committee’s military personnel panel on March 22. To discourage hazing, airmen “are exposed to human relations training early and often, starting with recruitment and basic training, continuing through separation and retirement,” he said. He added, “While we cannot declare the Air Force is exempt from hazing, all indications are that our current efforts to prevent and respond to incidents of hazing are effective.” (Roy’s written testimony)